Silver star 

My eyes flow threw you as if i coul steal your thoughts


she is light grey with tabby on her face and tail . she has silver spots covering what is left of her body  s small scar on her shoulder and across her pink nose . she has long silver claws 


Born in the light of a full moon she gained the name silver kit . Her mother gale wind was a small queen with blue eyes. silver grew up with out knowing of a father she soon became the apprentice of bright star. the leader of the clan a old white she cat who was blind from birth but who still manged to become leader she taught silver how to hunt with out using her eyes and to fight blind. she soon gained the name silver claw  moons after being prounonced deputy her mentor and leader was killed in a fight she then became leader of moon clan and still has all nine lifes .

Kits none

Mate panther claw

Deputy panther claw 

Mother gail wind 

Mentor bright star 

spirtcahel gaurdean snow a harpey egale 

to contact silver start