Knightstar, is a female cat and is the current leader of AnubisClan in the fandom of the Warriors world.

Appearance Edit

Knightstar is a black she-cat, with light and dark blue eyes. She wears two gold earrings, a orange bandana, and two gold cuffs around her front legs. Sporting two gold stars on the back of her ears, and on the tip of her tail.

Biography Edit

Originally born in SwiftClan as the daughter of Cinderstrike and Blackmoon, Knightstar was then known as Knightkit. During new-leaf, SwiftClan camp was later attacked by an enemy clan. Leaving Knightkit's father dead in the battle, and Cinderstrike managed to escape with her kits. But the kits were scattered, and later taken to seperate clans. Knightkit was brought into ShadowClan, unaware of were her siblings were. Knightkit then became Knightpaw, an apprentice, under the mentorship of Swiftspike. Later Knightpaw, was made a warrior now called Knightdesert, and then later became the leader of ShadowClan, now known as Knightstar. The clan then grew until she has heard from her deputy Viperclaw, that a white cat named Snowstar had tried to steal ShadowClan, which was a lie. Knightstar then met Snowstar, and then later she had joined Shadowclan and been declared deputy. Moons went by of peace for the clan, but one day Snowfur (Snowstar) was told lies by wolves, that ShadowClan did not belong to Knightstar, but she had stollen it. Snowfur believed this, and then Knightstar was banished from Shadowclan. A few days after that, Snowstar changed the name ShadowClan to SnowClan, giving ShadowClan back to Knightstar. Moons went by Snowstar and Knightstar discovered that they were sisters, shortly afterwards Snowfur had been killed, by a pack of dogs. Knightstar had lost her sister... After Snowfur had died and been mourned for, Knightstar then picked that the new deputy shall be Airsnow, being named after Snowfur. Moons passed, and Knightstar had passed on her leadership to Airstar, then leaving ShadowClan and creating NightClan, ShadowClan's sister clan. Knightstar then discovered she had another sister, one called Smoketail, then after moons of peace Knightstar, then gave NightClan to Smokestar.

Trivia Edit

  • Knightstar is the founder of both ShadowClan and NightClan